Fire Protocol and Orion Protocol Establishes Strategic Partnership

Fire Protocol and Orion Protocol Establishes Strategic Partnership

Orion, the powerful financial aggregator connecting both the centralized and decentralized exchanges, has announced Fire Protocol to be its Liquidity Boost Plugin Partner. As a result of this strategic partnership between the two leading platforms, FireSwap, the leading DEX that provides the one-stop solution within the Huobi ecosystem, will be enriched with cross-exchange liquidity, thereby significantly reducing spread and slippage at optimum pricing on the platform.

Apart from this, the two platforms will also work together to provide technical cooperation to each other for marketing promotions, thereby furthering both ecosystems’ development.

Moreover, Orion Protocol will be adding liquidity into multiple other Fire Protocol solutions, like FireSwap decentralized exchange and Fire protocol-based Loan platform, thereby helping the liquidity performance of H-assets. Also, it (Orion Protocol) will be expanding its use cases to the entire HECO ecosystem. HECO is a powerful Ethereum based Public blockchain network for developers.

With this recent collaboration, DEX FireSwap will provide fast and secure trading services to all Huobi assets along with the cross-chain wrapping solutions that will help Huobi Ecosystem bring on all non-Huobi Chain assets from various chains, like Ethereum, Tron, or Polkadot.

Fire Protocol has been the very first team to be invited by the Huobi ecosystem, and therefore the team went through a detailed analysis of the HECO ecosystem and found out that it will be the perfect platform to build the Fire Protocol on it. In the future, Fire Protocol will also be working with both Huobi and HECO for developing community support or for the development of ecology; this partnership between Fire and Orion is a step towards that accomplishment.

On the other hand, Orion Protocol is based on the most advanced platform by which Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity of every single crypto exchange under one platform. By aggregating the market into one place, a protocol has thus been developed that can bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies, traditional finance, and real-world assets.

Regarding this partnership, the CEOs of both the platforms expressed gratitude towards each other and are very hopeful for a positive outcome. Here is what they said about the partnership.  

Danny Christ, CEO of Fire Protocol, said:

Danny Christ said

Alexey Kolsokov, CEO of Orion Protocol, said,

Alexey Kolsokov said


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