Ethereum brokers

Ethereum is a decentralized application platform which was invented by Vitalik Buterin. The value token of Ethereum is called Ether, and it is listed as ETH in cryptocurrency exchanges. ETH is used to make payments for the transactions that may happen on the Ethereum network. If a user uses his computational power for validating the transactions or to contribute its development, he may receive Ether in return. Market participants can purchase and sell Ether with fiat currency or any other altcoins. Price volatility in the Ether allows the traders to speculate on their price levels to earn a profit.

Here are some of the best brokers you can use for Ethereum trading:

a. FXOpen UK – FXOpen launched its services in 2013. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. The UK-based broker introduced Ethereum in May 2016. The minimum deposit needed is $300, and it offers the maximum leverage 500:1.

b. Avatrade – Avatrade is one of the top online trading brokers, which offers a great online trading experience to the traders. AvaTrade has over 30,000 registered customers around the globe. The firm offers trading in many firms, including Dash, Ripple, and Ethereum.

c. eToro – eToro offers to trade in currencies, commodities, and CFD stocks. It has its registered offices in the UK, Cyprus, and Israel. eToro has also launched CFDtrading in a CryptoFund, which tracks the activity of digital currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Ethereum casinos

The casino industry is keeping up with the latest inventions in the world of finances, most of which include a faster and secure payment process. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, casinos started to accept payments in them. There are many poker sites, online casinos, etc. that accepts deposits and withdrawal in ETH. To use ETH at an online gambling site, you should first select a suitable gambling platform. While choosing the best Ethereum casino, you should ensure that you get a wide range of games, bonuses, and promotional offers. Now register with the casino and head to the banking section, where you will find deposit and withdrawal options with many cryptocurrencies. Select Ethereum as your banking method, and after making some deposits, you are ready to play games.