Tron Triumphs Over Bitcoin and Ethereum in Network Value to Transactions Ratio

Tron Triumphs Over Bitcoin and Ethereum in Network Value to Transactions Ratio

In a shot in the arm for Tron, the last one year data showed that the Tron blockchain potency is much higher in the market compared to the other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the analysis, network value to transaction (NVT) ratio of the Tron is quite outstanding as it surpasses its rivals by a huge margin.

The ratio is unveiled by Mike McCarthy, Tronix’s community member, and the value revealed that Tron is way ahead than the other leading players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The data analyzed pertains to the time between October 2018 and September 2019. Within the time mentioned above frame, Tron recorded the average 95.5 NVT value, while for the Bitcoin, this value came out to be 11.8 NVT.  Ethereum, on the other hand, performed much better than Bitcoin with an NVT value of 67.9 though its value is still lower than the Tron.

Tron outperformed Bitcoin consistently; however, Ethereum managed to gain an advantage over Tron between the time slot of December 2018 and February 2019. On all other occasions, Tron came out to be on the top with its higher NVT value. Commenting on the results, McCarty pointed out that TRX is highly undervalued, and there is tremendous scope for the fair valuation of the coin. Just so you know, Tron was also declared as the safest cryptocurrency in the past, and according to the analysis of Cointobuy, Tron has a 154.9% potential profit percentage, which is more than all other cryptocurrencies.

Some experts argue that low awareness of the Tron is one of the principal reasons behind its undervaluation. To counter this, Tron is aggressively promoting its blockchain network through a chain of cryptocurrency events, and the results of these efforts have now started showing their visibility on the ground.


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