Bitmain Fulfills Its Commitment by Launching a 50MW Mining Farm in Texas

Bitmain Fulfills Its Commitment by Launching a 50MW Mining Farm in Texas

Bitmain, the Chinese mining hardware manufacturer, has officially announced on Monday, regarding the launch of a 50 MW cryptocurrency mining farm in the Rockdale city of Texas. It is the company’s third cryptocurrency project in the US and this time, the farm can expand up to capacity over 300MW, thereby making it the world’s largest Bitcoin mining farm.

This facility will employ more than 400 residents of Rockdale, thereby contributing to the country’s economy as a whole. Bitmain has already published this preliminary job opening in one of the country’s job portals, to make people aware of the new job opportunities beforehand.

The farm has been set up by the joint partnership of Bitmain and MDD (Rockdale Municipal Development District) and DMG Blockchain Solutions that streamlined the operations at the new venue. In connection to the successful launch if this mammoth project, Clinton Brown, the lead project manager for Bitmain, commented, “We are excited to launch this facility, which is significant to Bitmain’s global expansion plans. The stable and efficient energy resources in Texas are fundamental to the inevitable scale of growth for the cryptocurrency mining industry.”

DMG takes the entire responsibility to provide hosting services for the Texas facility. Bitmain also agreed to work with the local authorities for procuring construction materials from the local suppliers to contribute to the regional economy. To power the project, Bitmain is directly purchasing energy from ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) that runs the electric grid in Rockdale. In addition to this, Bitmain also aims to educate the surrounding community by imparting them extensive training in blockchain technology.

This project happens to be a long-standing plan of Bitmain, which started in 2018 on a 33000-acre site owned by Alcoa, the American Aluminum Company. The aim was to bring Texas on the global Bitcoin Mining scenario.

Bitmain is one of the industry leaders when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. Launching this project is a step towards the fulfillment of its aim to make the United States, the powerhouse for cryptocurrency mining.


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